How long do people typically work with a counselor?

Every counselor works uniquely to each individual's needs, so this may vary in duration. Typically, students work with me weekly for about three or four months, but sessions can continue for longer if you have complex goals or a particularly difficult situation.

Do we have to meet in person?

No, not at all. I understand that it is not feasible for every client to meet with me in person. Often, I work with clients via ZOOM, a video-conferencing platform, or via telephone. A benefit of ZOOM is that we can record your sessions (optional) so you don't have to take notes allowing you to be fully present, and able to review our sessions at a later time. This is a unique way to work. Anywhere. Anytime.

How long is a session?

Regular counseling sessions are 55 minutes long, giving us plenty of time to chat. My experience is that time feels as though it's magically expanding each week as you become more comfortable and learn the process. To get the most out of the scheduled session, my clients often bring questions, challenges, or explanations about their current situation. Doing this helps you feel in control of the sessions.

How does payment work, and can I be reimbursed by my insurance?

There is a service fee, based on how long/what type of session you choose, and the rate will be discussed during our initial consultation. Unfortunately, we do not work with insurance companies, but we do accept Paypal and Credit Card payments.

Is online counseling private and confidential?

Totally. We take care to protect the privacy of our clients. The technology we use to meet with clients and store client charts is all HIPAA-compliant. We will never share your information without your permission.

What happens during an intake/initial consultation?

During the intake consultation, you will meet Jordi Blanco, who will discuss with you what you are experiencing, and ways that we might be able to help. We will also answer any questions you may have, as well as discussing your scheduling preferences so we can match your needs. This consultation generally lasts around 30 minutes and is completely free. We do, however, ask parents to assist their children in the first session.

What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens, and we understand that. We ask you to cancel appointments with 24-hour notice to avoid being charged for a missed session.

What Issues Can Online Coaching and Counselling Help With?

Counseling can help with many issues including relationship problems, anger management, depression, anxiety, career issues, low self-esteem.