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An International Counselor for the International community

Our one-to-one online counseling program, training systems and e-courses will help close the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. Solutions which work around your family time, your lifestyle AND your budget.

About us

We provide high-quality, online counseling for teenage expatriates living around the world.

As educational psychologists, counselors, and coaches, our aim is to help my students figure out how to become a better version of themselves.

We work with teenagers, professionals and families to help them increase self-understanding, develop self-awareness, and improve their lives overall.

We often work with clients who live in fascinating corners of the planet and even a few who are based in some less-than-thrilling places. We have lived and have experience working in 10 different countries all over Europe and Asia. We have worked in United States, Spain, Thailand, Kuwait, Egypt, China, Lebanon and Uganda.

We understand the challenges, first-hand that ex-pat life isn't always the glamour and glitz it's often made out to be.

Change, transition, moving and a new environment can be scary for many children.

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Licentiate in Educational Psychology
University of Comillas. Spain
Mental Health Specialist
Santa Cruz County Government. US
Master’s in Child Psychology
European Institute of Applied Psychology. Spain
Training in International Counseling
Counselor Training Center. London.
IB Psychology Teacher
English, Spanish and Arabic
Training in Gestalt Therapy
Pacific Gestalt Institute. US
Avid Presenter

We also work with families and children in regions of the world that have few English speaking resources available for mental health.

Our Educational Psychology background, and ability to speak multiple languages, allow us to use passion, knowledge, and trust-building exercises to work in a unique way with teenagers. It helps me to adapt to the needs of each individual, so my approach is not "cookie-cutter" style. Instead, we personalize our craft with every student and use two levels of education - Clinical and Educational Psychology - to achieve successful results.

Our core values  are humility, honor, self-confidence, self-awareness, and respect. We aim to bring these values to the table in my work as a counselor.


"He was an amazing support for us. Most recently, I have seen amazing things abouthow proactive he is and how imaginative in terms of the needs of individuals. He is asolution centered person. He is really good at working with purpose and vision. I givemy highest recommendation to Jordi. He is a great intentional listener and an easyperson to work with."

Sundiata. International Educator

Uganda, Africa

"One person that helped me out every step of the way is Jordi Blanco. We first met through a chess game that he offered to play against me. Through this, we had to know each other and communicate during this year and he has helped through every step of my life. He gave me all these different strategies on how to keep my stress under control. All these techniques were incredibly helpful to me. We worked ways to overcome difficulties in my life. I was very grateful to have him by my side to complete this year."

International Student

Uganda, Africa

"I met Jordi Blanco working in Egypt. Really tough in Egypt during the Revolution. I am very impressed with Jordi as a professional. He really knows his stuff. He is the best counselor that I had worked with. He was challenged in ways that I do not think many counselors have been working with, such an environment, a nation going under a revolution and all the psychological issues that it will bring up for students. Jordi was everywhere and he was the only counselor. The students really look up for him and for the things he did for them. He has a great amount of sympathy and his emotional understanding is incredible. The kids really appreciate working for him."

Fin Madden, International Educator

Egypt, Africa

"Jordi is an amazing person and he is very good at working with young people and teenagers. A lot of the time students have difficulties for various reasons. Sometimes is a lack of motivation, difficulties at home and they do not feel comfortable speaking to.Jordi is an excellent person talking and working with this kind of student. He makes me feel very comfortable. He uses a lot of comedy and a sense of humor during his sessions. Students feel very relaxed speaking to him."

Julie Green, International Educator

Uganda, Africa

"Working with Jordi is super comfortable and he is very creative in the way he approaches problems which makes talking to him super easy. It feels like you are talking to an experienced friend rather than a counselor. And that’s why I like working with him so much."

International Student

Beirut, Lebanon

"Jordi is a very easy person to talk and he knows how to talk to us. He relates a lot of the things that we went through to his past experiences and helps us to feel comfortable to open up. He knows how to give advice to a large range of problems. Not only academics. Personal and family problems. Anything really. He knows how to really adapt to the student and the situation. He is a very fun counsellor."

International Student

Beirut, Lebanon

"When I joined the school I was struggling in some areas of my life and this is when I met Jordi. Ever since he was offering very helpful advice and tips on how to improve in the areas like I am struggling and it has been quite effective. What I like about him is that he develops a relationship with the student and takes the effort and time to check on you to see how you are progressing."

International Student

Uganda, Africa

"I have been in a few conferences that he has giving at our school and the quality of the information that he has given is excellent. It had been on point. He really knows his stuff. He is very passionate about what he does. If I have a student who is in need, I do not hesitate to send him to Jordi."

Justin Cresser, International Educator

Uganda, Africa

"During my time in high school and my time as an IB student, there was a lot of pressure, and every time that I need something I go to Jordi. He helped me set my priorities aside. Calm me down and help me exactly what I had to do. Jordi is very easy to talk to. And he is very fun to work with him."

International Student

Beirut, Lebanon

"I left the sessions with Jordi in a better mood. We enjoyed your company. He is very good people helping with time management and stress management. He is excellent at identifying priorities and urgent things. He knows how to decrease the stress on the students."

International Student

Beirut, Lebanon

"There are many ways that I have been utterly impressed by Jordi’s work this year. As a colleague, as a fellow educator and a person who is genuinely concerned with well being and development of students. He has been working intensively with students online who have been struggling with moving, handling their stress, school work, not being able to say goodbye to friends, dealing with uncertainty. Phenomenal to see how adaptable has been Jordi during this time. His ability to form strong bonds with students and help them to be confident."

Richard Pettypiece. International Educator

Uganda. Africa

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